The Importance of Maintaining the Right pH Levels for Indoor Plant Growing in Hydroponics

right ph level of hydroponic plant

It is crucial for you to keep the right pH levels for your indoor plants. Like vegetables and flowers, indoor plants need the perfect pH range for growth. You must check your plants from time to time to ensure that they are growing in the best conditions.

Hydroponics and pH levels

Experts say that the pH levels of indoor plant growth are often overlooked in hydroponic, soil and organic gardening. These levels are needed for the plant to absorb the nutrients needed to grow strong and healthy. Most plants like a mildly acidic environment for growth and they survive in a pH range between 5.0 to 7.5.
In case the pH levels go above 6.5. Some of the nutrients and micro-nutrients start to precipitate from the solution. They stick to the chambers and walls of the reservoir. This is harmful to the indoor plant. The plant will not be able to absorb the nutrients from the solution. If you do not correct the pH level, the plant will die due to the deficiency of nutrients.

Some of the nutrients of the solution may drop if the pH levels fall. When you grow plants in the hydroponic system, you must check and adjust the pH levels.

You can also check the best grow lights for your plants.

Ways to check the pH levels for indoor plant growing in the hydroponic system

The following are the common ways you can check the pH levels of your indoor plant:

1. Paper Strips
Paper strips are one of the most affordable ways via which you may check the pH balance of the solution for your indoor plants. These strips have a dye that changes their colour when you dip them into the solution that contains the nutrients for your plants. You need to compare these paper strips to the colour chart to determine the pH levels in the solution. These paper strips are easily available in the market, however, take care to read them. The colour differences are very subtle and so take time to access them correctly.

2. Liquid Kits
There are liquid kits for testing the pH levels of indoor plants in the hydroponic system. Here, a small amount of the pH-sensitive dye is added to the solution that contains the nutrients. The resulting colour is compared to the colour chart provided in the kit. These kits are slightly expensive and cost more than paper strips. However, they are simpler to read and compare.

3. Digital meters
These meters are high-tech and accurate to measure the pH levels of indoor plant growth. They come in a wide range of sizes priced differently in the market. You may also use the digital pen to determine the pH reading when dipped into the nutrient solution. The readings are faster, however, keep the device in a proper place when not in use so that the electrode of the meter or the pen does not cause malfunction when you use it to recheck the pH levels.

As a gardener or a farmer, keep the above ways to check the pH levels of your hydroponic system in mind so that your plants get a healthy and strong environment to grow!

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